Transport management information system

Contribute, manage and own your review.

Logistrik is not only a choice of delivery methods and a brokered transport service. We are something more. We are something much more. With a Logistrik account, you get an environment at your disposal that helps you get a good overview of the transport service you have ordered. And not only! You get a tool to manage traffic volumes between different channels, carriers and services. You get the opportunity to include your personal transport partners, to bill directly with them. Keep records of the quality, delivery times and execution deadlines of the purchased transport service and submit claims and reclamations, if such should arise in the course of ongoing work.

Your personal carriers

Personal cooperation creates competitive advantages. Said benefit is mutual between the partners. The carrier wins because working with you creates a certain scale effect. You win, because at the expense of a certain volume, the conditions are more favorable to you. In the case of a large volume of transport, you have personal agreements with specific carriers (delivery terms, terms and prices), which may be significantly better than the terms and conditions of Logistrik's Public transport service (including prices). Often, individual cooperation with a carrier develops precisely as a continuation of the use of the services of the given carrier on the basis of public transport prices! In any case, you can conveniently organize and manage mutual cooperation using Logistrik.

Logistrik's account allows you to link your personal carriers to your account, define their areas of operation (where you want them to operate for you) and the conditions (that is, delivery terms and prices) with which they provide you with transport services. The offers of all such involved subcontractors will appear to your customers (or to you) in Logistrik's Delivery Methods selection in parallel with other offers. Or not. You can decide which carrier offers are displayed on your website or process software and which ones are not. With Logistrik's platform, you have full control over the transportation solutions offered in your Choice of Delivery Methods.

Maximum involvement of any resource

It is possible to set up a carrier that does not even have its own information system or automatic data exchange with Logistrik as a subcontractor (your own personal carrier). For such carriers, Logistrik mediates the transport order by e-mail, where the carrier is immediately given the opportunity to mark the shipment as picked up and dropped off via a web link. In this way, a situation arises for you where you can appoint anyone as your personal carrier - even your secretary or warehouseman, if they have time to make a round or two during the working day, and they participate in the supply chain as a party that is perfectly integrated with your choice of delivery methods and digital delivery reporting with the whole!

In the case of ordered Public transport service, the transport service will be mediated by the representative of Logistrik's respective region. In the case of a transport service ordered on the basis of a set personal agreement, your direct transport service partner will invoice you for the transport service directly. As a platform, Logistrik provides you with the necessary data exchange with the carrier ordered by you or on your behalf, and an environment for monitoring the quality of all ordered shipments.