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We are creating an automated and dynamic ecosystem for ordering and managing transportation services!

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What we do?


We automate the process of ordering and providing transport services.


We create value for customers, carriers, partners, employees and investors.


We connect the customers and providers of transport services and other participants in the process.


The criterion for our success is an efficient process, a successful transport service and satisfied parties.


We develop processes, software and ourselves.


We are out there for the customer to be served.

We are looking for
  • Ideal team players are modest. They have no excessive ego or concern for status. Modest and observant people are quick to point out the contributions of others and do not overemphasize their own role. They share credit, emphasize team over self, and define success collectively rather than individually.

  • Ideal team players are motivated and energetic. They are always looking for an opportunity to do more things, are open to learning and want and dare to take (greater) responsibility. Willing people do not need to be forced to work harder, they do it themselves, being motivated and diligent. They are constantly thinking about next steps and possibilities.

  • Ideal team players are smart and smart when it comes to dealing with people. Smart people understand the nuances of team dynamics and know how their words and actions affect others and how to deal with others most effectively. Their good judgment and intuition help them deal with others most effectively.

Our offer

Humans spend most of their waking hours working, and it must be consciously valued and enjoyable.

We believe in people's need to realize themselves, and in order to form a unified whole, we are creating an ideal organization to work in. A pleasant working environment, where all the conditions are created to focus on work, will be guaranteed, and all you have to do is apply and start working.

After a few years, it is good to discover that time has passed unnoticed and something big and functional has been created together.

We are a young and starting company, and the earlier you come, the more useful it is for you - you can influence the work environment yourself and get a better package.

The opportunity to be part of something big

Let's develop something big together.

Options package

An options package for each employee.

Self-realization and improvement

We improve and realize ourselves in the process of working together.

Nice team

We will have a hardworking, intelligent and nice team.

Flexible working time and place

What is important is the result, not the place and time of work.

Health and sports

We keep the mental and physical load in balance.

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Good people are always welcome.

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