The one and only transport solution.

It is in the interest of the online store to offer a selection of transport services that would cover the maximum range of customer expectations, which would be easy for the customer to understand and use without technical errors. With this, the e-commerce platform ensures a suitable environment for a purchase transaction even with the most demanding transport needs.

Offering a wide selection of transport services that meets the client's expectations is correct and at first it seems easy to implement - display all possible carriers and types of transport service. However, the immediate technical implementation has not been so easy. Displaying the plugin of many carriers at the same time actually makes it more difficult for the customer to finalize the purchase. Sometimes, due to the different technical quality of different plugins, the sales process can even be broken for some carriers. Online stores have been forced to choose between an optimal and not an absolute option. Optimal, however, does not create an advantage in the competition.

With Logistrik, the selection of delivery methods (the provision of transport services) is managed on another level

Logistrik's Choice of Delivery Methods is a technology with which you can display all available transport service options to your customer based on a single and unified logic. There, you can control the offered options in a very specific way - you can determine which carriers participate in serving your customers, you can even determine the proportional volume of one or another carrier serving your shipments. You can even include your personal vans or transport partners in the Delivery Methods selection, which would otherwise never be offered by any online store plugin. With the Logistrik plugin, you can create competitive advantages for your online store. You can conveniently manage the delivery solutions offered in your e-store based on the settings made under your Logistrik account. On your website, the delivery solutions you offer are displayed using a single plugin and a map view that is easy for the customer to understand.

The Logistrik plugin is a plugin developed for various online store platforms, the goal of which is to be a convenient, fast and technically high-quality, simple and intuitive transport solution, as well as an absolute transport solution in terms of options for delivery methods. Update the transport solution of your online store or process software while keeping your current transport partners and adding to them all the ones that you could not add to your selection today!