Delivery options

We provide options and you decide.

Logistrik delivery options is an easy-to-implement and extremely convenient technology for deciding which transport company to use to deliver the desired shipment.

Delivery options open on map.

Our delivery options selection displays all shipment delivery alternatives in one comprehensive map view. We display the door-to-door courier service (truck icon) placed on the map at the destination address. In addition, all parcel machines and parcel points can be seen according to their actual location around the destination. The latter are displayed only if the package still fits in the parcel machine due to its dimensions. Clicking on the icon (van or parcel machine) opens an overview with a list of different options and delivery conditions or details of the conditions of a specific delivery method, where you can immediately select the corresponding delivery method if suitable.
Everything is intuitive and very simple for the user! All different carriers and parcel machines are displayed simultaneously on our delivery options selection card. Filtering functions leave only those transport options on the map that directly match the desired expectations. Very convenient, efficient and absolute - all carriers, parcel machines and parcel points, Logistrik's existing transport partners as well as those that will be added later, are immediately available for you to use!

An e-store transport solution that is just a few easy steps away.

Now you can worry-free build awesome apps where delivery and transport issues don't require a lot of in-invention of their own. Logistrik's Delivery Methods selection is available to you as an easily integrated card service that can be called via Logistrik's API with a few lines of code in your software. Life is even easier for users of the most common website platforms. By downloading the plug-in (plugin) of the corresponding platform, a dynamic and timely transport solution offering more and more different delivery methods is available for you and your customers to use.