We connect carriers and customers.

With the options available today, the online store displays delivery solutions to its customers based on the plugins it has for one or another carrier. It creates a choice, but one that is not really absolute. Furthermore, managing multiple plugins is an unnecessary administrative burden and cost. Logistrik is a technology company that has uniquely solved the classic issue of transportation and delivery for online stores. We show all offered delivery methods by different carriers in one compact and intuitive selection of map-based delivery options. Choices can be made by the end user based on the delivery terms - such as the delivery time or price.

Logistrik is a dynamic, content-growing and scalable solution that is technically maintenance-free and offers an absolute and immediate choice of delivery methods with a single free of charge plugin that can be installed with ease. One and only Multi-carrier solution.
Logistrik is an unbiased party that works together with carriers to offer the common customer, e-shop, an absolute delivery solution.
Public delivery service provider
As a public delivery service provider, you reach all the parties using Logistrik's technology - your delivery service appears everywhere where our plugin is installed or an interface with us is implemented.

You yourself determine in which region, under which delivery terms (delivery times and prices) you provide your delivery services. In case of the delivery order and execution of the delivery registered under the terms of the delivery service recorded for public use by you, settlement is made between you and the Logistrik respective region representative. Logistrik's representative office in the respective region, in turn, settles with the customer who ordered the delivery. The role of the Logistrik respective region representative is here to act as an intermediary of the public delivery service, i.e. as an intermediary of the freight forwarder.
Individual cooperation with Logistrik technology users
Within individual cooperation with Logistrik technology users, you provide delivery services and settle accounts directly with our common customer. At this point, Logistrik ensures the necessary data exchange procedure between you and the customer, and serves as a delivery management platform for our common customer.
Our goal is to provide a Logistrik plugin or data exchange procedure for all platforms. This is how we extend your reach, dear carriers, in terms of various e-commerce and process software platforms where it has not been practical for you to develop plugins yourself.

We see the intensive growth of the users of our technology, and thus the opportunities for increasing the workload for carriers. In addition to e-commerce, we also plan to expand into other market segments - various processes and process software solutions.

In order to offer value to our common customer through the technology developed by Logistrik, every carrier has the opportunity to join us (integration with us including). Joining (integrating with) Logistrik is a one-time job and easy to do. The benefits of cooperation are permanent and grow over time. On platforms for which you have not developed plugins or integrations yourself, you are then shown by Logistrik technology with your appointed delivery methods and terms (delivery times and prices).

Customer always gets the most suitable delivery.


Delivery on promised terms.


Automation and dynamism ensure efficiency.


Reach everywhere with us.

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