Occasionally want to send packages or order something to the office?

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    Can't choose between different carriers?

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    Courier companies place orders differently and processes are constantly updated?

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    Sometimes you need to choose the fastest delivery, other times the cheapest solution, but there is no overview?

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    Have you unknowingly bought an overpriced or low-quality transport service?

All transport service providers in one place!

  • Services of all carriers in the selection of delivery methods!

    In the selection of delivery methods, the offers of all carriers are displayed in a single definition based on deadlines: today, tomorrow, later.

  • Same process with all carriers!

    When ordering transport services through us, the same Logistrik process works with all transport service providers.

  • We offer the options and you decide!

    You enter the parameters of the shipment, the source and destination, Logistrik offers the options and you decide the delivery conditions, not between brands!

Offered services

Unlike the current practice, where the customer is offered a choice between transport companies, Logistrik provides the final options of delivery methods based on the customer's wishes.
Transport management allows you to manage ordered transports in a single view: monitor the progress of transports in operation and see the history of previous transports. Quality control functionality provides an overview of the fulfillment of delivery promises (delivery time and price) made during the selection of delivery methods, i.e. Logistrik is a tool to intervene and control the process of transportation.
As a result of the quality control, failed or partially failed shipments are displayed, for which claims can be submitted (if necessary, also reclamations) and which can be conveniently managed systematically in a single view.
All parcel machines and most transport companies are included in the Logistrik ecosystem, to which you can also easily and conveniently include your personal subcontractors. The Logistrik can display them together with their carriers in a unified view of the selection of delivery methods, and at the same time provides a unified overview of the quality of the received transportation service in transportation management.
With the help of Logistrik, it is possible, based on the previous statistics of carriers, to direct shipments to those carriers who have the ability to deliver on time and to avoid those who may have difficulties. In addition, it is possible to direct deliveries to the desired delivery method as needed: for example, only to parcel machines or express couriers.
Logistrik functionality can be easily integrated into your processes and those of your customers. We can arrange information exchange either via API or email.

The solution is free to use, start here:

1. Register account.
2. Realize the integration through our API or order e-mail information exchange.

Logistrik is an ecosystem connecting customers and carriers, whose main service is a dynamic and automated transport solution. With a single interface, an automated freight ordering, management and quality control solution is integrated into your or your customers' processes.

You will have at your disposal the entire network of companies providing transport services, which will grow nicely over time.

After registering the account and agreeing to the conditions, the readiness to order the transport is resolved - you only need to find the most suitable one from the selection of delivery methods each time and order the transport.


Customer always gets the most suitable delivery.


Delivery on promised terms.


Automation and dynamism ensure efficiency.


Reach everywhere with us.