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Logistrik is a plugin that is extremely easy to use, and using the Logistrik plugin in the online store eliminates the need for parallel delivery-related plugins. Logistrik allows the online merchant to include carriers in the range of delivery methods offered, who themselves may lack even basic process software that manages the transportation work. All this creates an environment that is technically favorable to manage, and the addition and removal of carriers does not entail any development costs.
The introduction of Logistrik in the e-store creates an opportunity for the website visitor to instantly choose the right solution for delivery. The visitor (nor the online store) does not need to be familiar with the different carriers as brands and their detailed delivery conditions. The Logistrik displays the delivery condition based on either the delivery term or the cost, and the visitor chooses the most suitable one from those offered.
The presence of the Logistrik plugin is also a great solution for carriers. Carriers are forced by the winds of digital commerce to develop and manage a number of different technical solutions, while realizing that they will not be able to develop a plugin for every existing platform and that the ones they have developed require a lot of attention, time and money to maintain high-quality operation. This is a very costly sideline for the carrier. In addition, one specific plugin of a specific carrier does not solve all the immediate needs of an online merchant - because no carrier is so absolute in its choice of service (does not offer all possible delivery solutions that are available on the market and that the e-shop would like to offer to its visitors). Joining Logistrik allows carriers to participate in providing a delivery solution even in those environments where they themselves do not have a plugin or those carriers that do not have the ability to develop plugins for use at all.
The carriers that have joined (joined) Logistrik themselves determine in which region (from where and where), under what conditions (when the order must be submitted and by what time they will deliver it) and for what fee (what volume and weight of the shipment and how much the corresponding delivery will cost) ) they carry shipments.
Installing the Logistrik plugin does not oblige the online store to enter into any cooperation agreement. The plugin is designed in such a way that it immediately solves the issue related to delivery to the online store. Simply, as long as the online store uses the Logistrik plugin without a Logistrik account, it must submit an immediate transport order for the delivery solution chosen by the online store visitor directly to the respective carrier (for example, via the carrier's website). In this way, Logistrik is available for use as an operational solution and is completely free for the online store. Smaller online stores don't really need anything more.
The Logistrik account provides a convenient way to order transport through the Logistrik environment (print labels on the shipment) at the prices set by the carriers in the Logistrik environment. In this way, the online store does not have to order transports one by one from the carrier's website or make several different cooperation agreements with different carriers. One plugin, one Logistrik account, all carriers. The online store pays Logistrik for deliveries.
In the event that the so-called "Logistrik public service prices" set by the carriers for the online store are not suitable (for example, they have direct agreements with the same or other carriers, which are better in terms of terms), then it is possible to set the delivery conditions of the respective carrier in the Logistrik account, what are they then will also be displayed in the online store customer's selection of delivery methods, and in this case the carrier will invoice the online store directly for its services. In this way, the online store uses Logistrik as its own personal transportation management information system, where the Logistrik platform creates an overview of which carrier, when and under what conditions the online store ordered transportation. As part of such transport orders, Logistrik does not mediate the transport, but the online store pays Logistrik the information system usage fee for the implementation of each such transport partner according to the selected package.
The online store manager has two ways to implement Logistrik:

To use transport services provided by public carriers at public prices set by the carriers themselves (the carrier itself determines what prices and under what conditions it provides its services). In this case, the Logistrik mediates the transport service.

Another option is to set up individual cooperation partners, or subcontractors, in Logistrik, in which case the customer must make the appropriate settings in Logistrik, and the carrier will invoice the customer directly. In this case, the online store uses Logistrik as a technology that helps to display all transport partners uniformly in the selection of delivery methods in the online store.
Logistrik's structure consists of a parent company (Logistrik OÜ), which coordinates the expansion and develops software and organization, and subsidiaries or joint ventures established in each country where it operates (representatives of the region). The region's representative is responsible for deploying and distributing the Logistrik environment in the respective region, encouraging the usability of Logistrik and providing technical and legal support, developing relationships with customers and cooperation partners.
  • Our ambition

    We see Europe (40+ countries) as our domain. According to BuiltWith data, as of December 2022, there were a total of approximately 3.16 million online stores with e-commerce solutions in the region targeted by us. These are online stores where something is sold and there is a need to ship the sold goods.

    The market analysis we have done based on the year 2020 of the 27 countries of the European Union, according to Statista, the volume of parcel transport is about 11 billion shipments, in monetary terms 70+ billion euros.

    The decision to start with the development and offering of the WooCommerce plugin, as the use of WooCommerce is most common in the Baltic countries and Finland: Estonia 4472, Latvia 2416, Lithuania 4886 and Finland 5160 online stores use the WooCommerce platform (according to BuiltWith, January 2023).

  • We grow together

    We are facing rapid and massive growth. Geographical expansion brings with it the challenge and the need to integrate with transport companies in new regions. The estimated number of parcel transport service providers in Europe that we absolutely need is approx. 400+ transport companies. Until we achieve a significant volume in the market that motivates carriers to interface with us, we have to initially interface with carriers ourselves.

    In parallel with geographic expansion, we aim to continuously expand the range of plugins offered. In our estimation, there are nearly 50 different platforms of e-commerce software used by online stores in Europe, to be considered and for which the development of plugins is planned. Each new platform for which we create a plugin gives us a strong capability in the regions we already serve and creates better conditions for the inclusion of new regions.

    From the above, the main challenge for our growth will be building a development team of considerable size. In building and managing an efficient, well-working and large development team, we definitely need additional input - both in the form of know-how and involvement of additional resources. If you have the opportunity to contribute to one or the other (or both), we would be happy to exchange ideas.

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